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    Backbythebay    3.12.99

Jen and I moved back to SF again after living in Portland, Denver, and San Diego as part of her 9 months of optometry rotations.  Our first week in the city we went out for St. Patricks Day.

Also in the spring of 99 we skied in Tahoe, smoked in the Haight, and shot photos through the city.  We sipped wine in Sonoma, and enjoyed Spring in New York City, and Central Park.  Jen graduated from Optometry school in May, we explored Kings Canyon, and got ready for the summer wedding.

The rest of the links in this column, I created in the first two years I lived in san francisco.  I learned to web publish a year into it.  Someday I'll go back and post old photos, but for now you'll have to settle for these nostalgic words.  

It all started with Paul Meyer & the 6pack on the web - now improved with an updated adventure index.  And ended with a going away party.  But here on my page, are almost two years worth of colorful photos.  Just before we left SF in August '98, we checked out San Francisco's Gay Pride Parade starting with Dykes on Bikes.   

My penthouse had an awesome deck that over looked downtown San Francisco.  We had many large parties, and small parties.  Sometimes we just made up deck art, and last summer it even got a pool.

Other SF links include some black and white photos I named alive.  In May, Huck and Katy visited S.F.  A few months after I visited Huck in L.A. .  These photos in november I shot in-between.   

My first year in SF, I  walked the famous Bay to Breaker, played golf  with my old blue jean company.  Here are a few more photos with my parents in napa valley.  Kerry & Pete were here that spring.  And if you didn't know, Jen can fish.   And finally, these are my very first pictures on the web.

Words:  I also love to w r i t e!   I publish my stories online.  You may write me  w/  e-mail etiquette.

History:  I grew up in Cadillac Michigan and still keep in touch abroad with the evening news.

Other Links:  This internet link first inspired me.  When I'm not on the net, this is what I read in print.  I also like to know SF weather, and check out spy cameras in san francisco.  

P.S.  In two years, I never felt an earthquake!



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Montana howling survey 1998

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Howling with the wolves summer '98

New York City

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The Burning   Mancool.gif (111 bytes)  Michigan Christmas '97/98

Hawaii mid winter '98  

Montana Big Sky Spring Break '98cool.gif (111 bytes)  
CHS '87 10 year class reunion Yosemite
 summer vacation '97



sacramento pool



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