_______________________________________________Aug 10 - Oct 15, 1998      
    jen & i
    in P o r t l a n d  Oregon for_
    10 weeks_  these are our stories and images.                       enjoy
3_small.jpg (2354 bytes) Smith Rock

111.jpg (3251 bytes) Julie, Jim, Jen, & Jim


Ever since I can remember I’ve wanted to ski in shorts and a T-shirt in the middle of the summer on the glaciers of Mt. Hood. Last weekend, my dream came true.

The two weeks we’ve been in Portland, Mt. Hood has towered, a glistening white giant shadow, over the city. It has antagonized me. Occasionally blowing a cool quiet whisper of a dare, to temp her icecap.   more...

Ads3.jpg (7204 bytes) Museums

-STAND.JPG (1816 bytes) Mt. St. Helens

-SLEEP.JPG (3249 bytes) Floyd's World

01kayak.jpg (5462 bytes) San Juan Islands, Washingtoncool.gif (111 bytes)

Mywords.jpg (2518 bytes)Last updated 10/3/98

1us-.jpg (2825 bytes)       Mt. Hoodcool.gif (111 bytes)

  057.jpg (2922 bytes)         our pad      

"Few cities in the United states can boast the caliber or variety of outdoor opportunities found in Portland Oregon. Tucked amid lush folds of the Willamette Valley— bounded by the snow-capped volcanoes, old-growth forests, and the Columbia River— the region has long attracted residents with a keen appreciation for the Great Outdoors. Originally inhabited by Chinook Indians, who paddled the rivers in hand-hewn canoes and subsisted largely on salmon, the region was first visited by Europeans when Lewis and Clark came through nearly two centuries ago." –gorp. And Jen and I in the fall of ’98.

04.jpg (2869 bytes)    Kieko's Free Willy

1hood3-.jpg (4331 bytes)      Hood River

2-.jpg (4360 bytes)  Portland Rockies Game


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