Mapleton Remodel Status
2244 Mapleton, Boulder CO
A historic comparison before the remodel.


Circa 1948, Jan 2003
(you can see the 2 pine trees as little babies)
see 2005 when #2 got removed    


Dec. 03  --  Finished!  (at least 99%)



Nov. 03

almost done!



some inside photos:



patio and yard to finish up


Oct. 03

Sept. 03




Aug, 2003.  Shake goes up and drywall inside. 


July 04, 2003  The new roof is on.


below progress photos in reverse order. 
(newer ones at top)



The mountain sneak view of the flatirons from the master suite. (thru the French Doors)


The roof is off


cement came with a crane as tall as the trees! 




first they dug the foundations for the deck and back square