Leah Tippins Carr

Fall '06


Early winter '04



 Halloween '04



some fall '04 photos






more summer 2004 photos




summer '04 from Lifetouch:



summer '04 photos:





December '03 photos:

November '03 photos:
(she's moving - this takes awhile to download)


October '03 photos:


September '03 photos:

Leah on her first road trip to Crested Butte in the hotel




August '03 photos:





July '03 photos:



 July '03 - Recent Photos of Leah & Family photographed by my Lifetouch office



May '03 photos: 




April '03 photos:




a week old and yelling! 


March '03 Photos:

(Leah a family name on my side, Tippins on Jenís side)
was born Feb 27th just after 5:30 pm. 
She weighed 7.1 lbs and is 20 inches long. 

This photo was taken within the first 24 hours just before we checked out of the hospital. 



Our dog Abbey getting along well with the newest family member. 

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