Cadillac/Colorado  Broomball!

A Northern Michigan tradition, Cadillac Broomball raged on for years.  This "no rules" game is traditionally played on Johnson's pond weather permitting.  Although not yet a complete archive, below find a several photos form the last few years.  Earlier photos are welcomed here.   


2011 - Second time in Boulder Colorado

2010 - First time in Boulder Colorado


2010 - On Lake Cadillac


2007 - On Johnson's Pond


2006 - lack of cold and we played @ CASA


2005 - Back on the Pond


2004 - Again at the Bellow's Folks


2003 - In front of Bellow's Parent's house.


2002 - a quick freeze snap put the pond back in business this year with record attendance!


2001 - not enough ice caused the first ever inside broomball game.


gang2.JPG (101093 bytes)

2000 - Too much snow sunk the pond so we played on the road to the pond.  Tobacco Road!


group1.jpg (51553 bytes)

1999 - on the pond.


gang.jpg (211182 bytes)

1996 - the first year for co-ed broomball.



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