Broomball 1999!
and also 19962000 and 2001

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(above)  The Cadillac crew assembles for the annual Christmas Broomball match on Johnson's frozen pond.  It took 4 hours to clear the snow from the ice for the one hour game.  The outside temperature at face off (7:00 p.m.) was a chilly -7 degrees Fahrenheit.  Brrrrrr.


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The game was close, but one team had to win.  (below) the winning smile.

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Then it was off to the bar for a few more cold ones....some drinks with our fallen comrades who were either too drunk, (Harcourt), stupid, (Bellows), or spent too much time caking on hair gel and sqeezing into their brand new John Tavolta pants (Nelson) to make the game.

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(right) pre-game preparations include thick magazines with duck tape for shine guards and still more duck tape on the broom for cold weather griping.    See photos from Broomball a few years ago...

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