Skiing in Colorado
Luke and I hurried through the warm football Saturday. Liberating gear from long ago while others piled into the stadiums. Skies & gloves, parkas & poles, the battle armament of the alpine warrior that hadn’t paid homage since last season.

We ritualistically strapped into our gear again and stood in the huge lines. Only a single run, a lone trail, a narrow glimpse into the future of the Colorado ski season was visible. And so it would be. Baptized in a snowy mud river. Reverent in our rite. Our first runs of the year.

top.jpg (23497 bytes) crowd.jpg (45738 bytes)

Victory over the huge lines - finally getting to the top!


    luke2.jpg (18631 bytes) luke1.jpg (31118 bytes)

Luke showing off his stuff and   here


summit.jpg (127299 bytes)

On the way up to Summit County the weather was fine

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random snowboarder catching air - me at the end.
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