Skiing in Colorado
Oct. 29, 2000

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me & the mango hat catching some air
Ryan and I liberated gear from long ago - skies & gloves, parkas & poles, the battle armament of the alpine warrior that hadn’t paid homage since last season - while others in boulder recovered from Luke's Halloween party. We ritualistically strapped into our gear once again and stood in the huge lines. Only a single run, a lone trail, a narrow glimpse into the future of the Colorado ski season was visible. And so it would be. Baptized in a snowy mud river. Reverent in our rite. Our first runs of the year.  
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Opening Day - Keystone 
Lines from this year - Left  |  Right - Lines from last year.

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Living in a Gondola for a month?

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On the road to Keystone

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Ryan making turns


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