Polar Bear Ice Swim in Boulder 1/1/2002!

Can you believe that almost 400 people actually waited in line to jump in the freezing cold ice water at the Boulder Reservoir this year for The Polar Bear Ice swim?  What's worse, can you believe after we jumped in we realized once just wasn't enough?  Yep me either.


Matt & I decided since we were here, we might as well get our moneys worth and went back in a second time!


Matt & I actually went back in a 3rd time, but our photographers (pictured below) were already back in the car warming up.


Misc other photos.



Benefits of Ice Dipping

"I myself enjoy temperature cycling, going from hot to cold a few times, as the Scandinavians do.  There is a good feeling with shocking the circulatory system this way.  One individual related a story from a health club instructor who said that those who have lost weight can reduce the effect of sag, or wrinkles by repeated temperature changes; this is supposed to exercise shallow sub-cutaneous muscles and thus firm the skin.  To others this is a great way to actively participate in a sport/stunt rather than be merely another spectator, especially on New Year's Day."  -Walter G.

 Photos from years past from official site  
(one couple got married.)


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