Flagstaff Summit
& some Roller-blades

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Ryan and Laura drove us to the top of Flagstaff; The lookout mountain just outside boulder towers a cool thirteen hundred vertical feet above the valley.  Mike and I strapped into our roller blades and began the illegal decent down.  A combination tailgate, free fall, high speed roller blade, and photo-op, we sped down the several miles of twisty road with big smiles on Saturday.  Ryan kept the jeep a comfortable 20 mph (except for curves) so when we got going to fast, we could coast into the tailgate and either use it to slow down, or just dive in the back.  (This also became useful while passing park ranger stations.)  We didnít actually confirm our speed run was prohibited until almost at the bottom when a ranger saw us and yelled that roller blading on flagstaff is illegal.  Ok, so I guess we wonít do it again.  ;-O

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map of the road

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