We've moved in time for the Holidays

Jen and I moved into our new place on Pearl Street the week before Christmas in Cadillac.  Here are some shots from the move. 

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Our place is the skinny, purplish, townhouse in the middle.  It has that funky boulder feel and a great location.  We're only a few blocks from the mountains & a few blocks from the pubs; A winning combination.


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Check out the downstairs after Jen swept through in only two days.



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Our dinning rooms (ohhhhh)


1.jpg (154516 bytes)

The Den.  (It's a good thing it came out a little dark - that part of the pad hasn't been unpacked yet.)



And left over from Thanksgiving at the old place on Bluff St.....

Here's Mark cooking up our Thanksgiving Feast!  At our homegrown table, Mark, Jen, Me, Matt, & Mark's folks.

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