Closing Day - Arapahoe Basin
 June 10, '00!

Andy, Big D, Luke, and I went up to summit county for the final weekend of Colorado Skiing.  With a summit elevation of 13,050 feet, A-Basin offers the highest skiable terrain in North America.  They are the last resort to close down for the year & usually end the season with an annual slush cup.  We put on our bathing suits and planned on skiing first down the snow, then across the pond, to usher out the end of the season.  But the weather was so hot the last few weeks, the snow around the pond melted and the slush cup got canceled.   So we just took a few farewell runs, Big-D & I on the snowboard, and Andy on his skies.  Then we had a little BBQ & toasted the end of the season.

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We also shot a little Black & White

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