Kinetics Sculpture Challenge 2002 Race! -
Sat/May 04

Team Liquid Therapy achieved all of their goals this day. 
Prizes obviously weren't among those goals. 




And they're off!


BBQ time


photos from this years Kinects Parade.

Daily Camera Coverage of the 2002 Kinetics Race

And don't forget the pancake breakfast - only a the brave made it @ 6:30 a.m.

last years links:

Check out our photos from before, parade day, and Race Day.  Then we made the bull's-eye of 2002 application.
Valley Lobotomies
VIDEO - from
Daily Camera
The Kinetics Wizard oversaw Saturday's festivities
A Kinetics contestant gets the crowd in the right mood
A member of the H.K. Potters School for Wayward Sorcerers discusses the team's craft
The Valley Lobotomies team makes the transition from water to land
J.P. and the Naughty Nuns have some craft troubles
A member of the Mad Cow Moo-ve team explains the team's craft
A member of the 2001: A Space Oddity team discusses the team's craft
The teams take off from the starting line

Boulder Daily Camera Sun 13 May 01  
All 2001 Kinetics Teams -  
photos I took from (2000)  
Life Magazine shows our boat  

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