The Land of Enchantment
Skiing Taos & Albuquerque High
March 2001

Cruising down parts of old Route 66, Jen & I visited Joel and his Jen in their new adobe outside of Albuquerque in March.  They live in this adobe, a guest house of this cool pad.  It's small and cute, but I promised that I wouldn't put up the inside photo because it was messy.  Whoops.  I lied.  We also got in few runs at Taos.   Then we went back down June 30th for their wedding.  


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A shot of their neighborhood.


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We stopped for some margaritas and enchiladas in Old Town



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High over Albuquerque on the Sandia Peak Tram, the world's longest single-span tramway.



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We also got in few runs at Taos, but forgot to bring the camera on the slopes.  However, we did get these shots on the drive out.