Kinetics Race  -  Sat.May.08.04 - see parade photos too

2004  Awards and Recognition: 
Best Finish (Trophy)
1st in Bribes (bribe bag)
3rd in Sculpture (Trophy)
6th overall out of 28 teams.


HDNet following us out the Boulder Reservoir the night before.


Dropping the Boat into the Boulder Reservoir the night before.



All the bugs at the Res. swarmed - all hail the queen!




Kegs were hid, it was time for the beach party!


remember this girl from the cruiser ride?



And they're off!





The host of HDNet (Ron) joins our team for the final leg.



and they begin to sink just minuets from the finish. 
(or just broke one pontoon in half thanks to Charlie standing on it!)



limping into the finish - the boat is then Annihilated!  





causalities of war.


see parade photos too



"Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut."

           -- Ernest Hemingway   

archive photos:
Life Magazine - the boat we later rented
photos I took the first year I attended as a spectator
2001:  Liquid-therapy
building & then parade day & then Race Day  
2002:  Liquid-therapy
featured on application & then parade day & then Race Day
2003:  Where the Wild Thing Play Parade and Race Day
2004:  West-Nilelators build and parade day & then Race Day

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