La Crosse, Wisconsin

Abbey & I decided to take a cross country road trip out to see Jeff the last weekend in July.  Just under 2,000 miles round trip, we did it hard and fast, but had a good time despite cloudy weather.  I guess it didn't matter, we spent most of the time at the downtown bars.


 2.JPG (175851 bytes) 

Jeff & I above the city

4.JPG (289178 bytes)

Jeff's pad right on the banks of the mighty Mississippi


3.JPG (312618 bytes) 

another shot from up high


 5.JPG (264924 bytes) 

Jeff & the dog hanging in the park


1.jpg (241727 bytes)

the Mississippi grows still wider down river from La Crosse


6jpg.jpg (199666 bytes)

abbey almost asleep in the front seat


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