the road trip --  photo gallery


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Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Snake River, shot Ansel Adams style




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Scott, Todd, Joe, (holding Kashia), Holly, Jen, and I,
hanging in Bozeman, Montana.



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Climbing Mecca - Smith Rock, Oregon.
Roped in on one side  --  Jen on the other



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Jen leans on the lower right pillar inside Yellowstone Lodge
Time exposed for 15 seconds.  (click on any image to enlarge & view the rest of the photo)



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Old Faithful
Before                           &                           After



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Yellowstone's natural beauty. 
Mammoth Springs,  Unknown geyser field,   South Falls,    A bull elk and friends,   and a lone fox. 



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Reflecting pool at Tom and Nancy's pad.  (our temporary home)
Boulder's Flat Irons rise on the west horizon.



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Jen and I standing on Flagstaff Mountain, above Boulder's fall colors, and the American Great Planes.


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