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First Snow - Sept. 25 '00
Steamboat Springs, Colorado

The first snow of the year hit Steamboat while we soaked in Strawberry Hot Springs.  Ryan, Laura, Jen & I, packed the dogs and drove into the high country in late September to see the autumn colors.  We didn't find the golden fall of last year, but instead found winter.  The contrast made for some great colors, but some short hikes.  We had planned to hike from Crested Butte to Aspen.  However, with rain and snow in the forecast we opted instead for hot springs & a road trip.  In addition to elk and deer we also spotted an eagle outside of Kremling, and a fox outside of Steamboat.  Soon enough we'll be skiing again!

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Strawberry Hot Springs


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Ryan getting a better shot at the waterfall.  
(little red jacket on the far right)


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