Deep Powder & Big Rocks at Berthoud Pass3.JPG (92273 bytes)

Berthoud Pass is Colorado's oldest ski area, opening in 1937. It is also the home of the first double chairlift in the world, installed in 1947.  The ski area consists of two separate mountains divided by U.S. Highway 40. Both mountains offer expert level terrain and are serviced by two lifts and four backcountry pick-up points where shuttle buses transport skiers and riders back to the lifts.


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me & and the mango hat going big!


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Johnson going big!



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Laying down waiting for the bus after a killer steep.


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Johnson was more pissed he had to sit by snowboarders than the dog. 


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Shot of the whole base (1 small parking lot) from the top.

Johnson & Kelly the next summer

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