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Moved to Facebook

I've moved more recent photos to my public and open Facebook page.  Come check it out for updated shots of the kids and Jen & I enjoying Boulder and travel around the world! 

Dec. 2011
Broomball Colorado

For the 2nd year in a row,  we stormed Boulder's downtown Pearl St. to play Broomball on the little ice rink. This year there was less snow and it was a bit warmer.  We had a big crew and again this year, we finished the night riding the Bull.  

Sep. 2011
Circle Rock Camp

A couple hours northwest of Boulder.  Molly and Shannon have a cabin, yurt, tepee, and tons of acres high above Fort Collins called Circle Rock Camp. It's a perfect place to take in the end of a Colorado Summer for Labor Day.  

April 2011
Cabo Mexico

Luke's birthday bash this year was in Cabo San Lucas.  My little LXA brother Mark was heading down with his wife & friends, so I cashed in some frequent flyer miles last minute and surprised Luke for his B-day.  What a blast!

Nov.  2010
Austin Texas

Erik and Jenny got hitched in Austin on a warm November evening.  A crew from Colorado flew down for a few days and nights around 6th Street.

July  2010
Lake Powell, Utah

For a week at the end of June, Jen & I and the kids this year, along with friends headed to
Lake Powell Utah for a lot of sunshine and water sports.  

June  2010
Michigan Road Trip

For a week at the end of June, Jen & the kids this year,  along with friends headed to
Lake Powell Utah for a lot of sunshine and water sports.     

Sep 2009
Labor Day

Labor Day weekend 2009 - Garden of the Gods,
The Broadmoor Hotel,
US Air Force Academy, Dog Pool, & CU Football home opener.

Aug 2009
Downhill Mt. Biking

Winter park has made some improvements since were rode there a few years ago.  There is more gear to rent, better bikes, and more trails.  What a fun day.


June 2009
Lake Powell

For a week at the end of June, Jen & I along with friends headed to
Lake Powell Utah for a lot of sunshine and water sports.  

April 2009
10 Mountain Hut 

In the middle of Colorado Spring, we headed back into winter, during a spring blizzard the first week of April.  It closed the highways, but we trekked into a 10th Mountain Hut outside of Leadville.  Check out the video here.

Feb. 2009

In the middle of Colorado winter, a group of us headed down to Florida for some vacation.  A cruise thru the Bahamas, US Virgin Islands, and St. Martin, was just what the doctor ordered.  We took the whole family and stopped in Disney World for the kids.  

Oct. 2008

We headed down to Pearl St. to catch the end of the naked pumpkin run and then check out the Lazy Dog
no clothes Party.  I won 1st prize & Watson got 2nd. 

Oct. 2008
Hot Air Ballooning

We took a day of this week and went for a hot air balloon ride over Boulder County.  Even the kids enjoyed floating around the skies on a perfect autumn morning.

June 2008
Vogellarosa Skydive

This year a handful of brave folks
(& me,) during Boulder's spring time rite of passage, Vogellarosa, added to the fun of sunshine, crawfish, beer, and an impromptu Kinetics, by jumping out of an airplane.  What a fun Weekend. 

Mar. 2008
McNamara Hut

Just a few miles outside of Aspen Colorado, we skied up a trail to a remote hut six miles into the Colorado Wilderness.  There we kept the fire going, most of the night, between melting snow into our cocktails.  

Oct. 2007
Shoot Out Boulder

The Shoot Out Boulder is a fast 24 hours of filmmaking where the team has to shoot the whole movie from 9pm Friday night, until 9pm Saturday night.  The top 10 are shown at the Boulder Theatre on Sunday night.  We made it.  See our film here

July. 2007
Lake Powell

We spent a week, wakeboarding every day, (even by full moonlight)  between drinking beers, excellent scenery and good people.  What a great way to burn up some summertime. 

May. 2007
Bolder Boulder

We ran the Bolder Boulder, one of the biggest 10Ks road races in the USA, on Memorial Day this year.

Feb. 2007
Butterfly Pavilion

We took the kids to the Butterfly Pavilion this month and they had a great time running around the warm humid rooms.  It was a nice break from Colorado's cold winter.

Dec 2006

This year the pond wasn't frozen.  And the original night got rained out.  So halfway thru the week we put together an impromptu game at the CASA soccer fields. Game on!

Nov. 2006

If you haven't seen the best documentary this year, go rent "Dust to Glory" and watch it.  It inspired me to put together a team and go check out the longest continues off road race in the world last November.   

Oct. 2006

Some black and white photos of the kids on CU campus early October 2006.


Sep. 2006

The 5th Annual backyard badminton championships were moved to Mark & Hedi's pad this year.  This change of venue however didn't prohibit incumbent Hayes Redmond from winning another year.  At least he lost the slush cup.   

Aug. 2006
Longs Peak 

15 miles round trip up 5,000 vertical feet over half a day is a good long climb.  They named Colorado's most famous peak after a guy, but I think it should be named Longs because it takes so long to get up.  We summated at 9:05 am in the clouds.  I heard it has good views. 

May 2006

For the first time in 5 years we didn't actually race a team for Kinetics.  Instead we brought a hot tub and just kicked back on the beach, listened to the music, drank beers, soaked up the sun, and watched the race.  

Feb. 2006
Honduras / Key West

We landed in Rotan Honduras for a little mid winter vacation.  We didn't get much rain, but we didn't get a lot of sun either.  After diving, drinking, and walking the beach, we flew to the Florida Keys for a few more days at the end of the week.  Here are the photos.        

Dec 2005

A little bit of slush wasn't enough to discourage these hardcore broomball fanatics. We cleared off the pond, rolled Harcourt in the snow, and it was Game on!   

 Nov. 2005
Wakeboarding / Snowboarding

You have got to love going snowboarding on the weekends and then wakeboarding in-between.  Check out these photos and video from thanksgiving week in Colorado.      

Oct. 2005

Pumpkin patches and costumes - here are photos from this years Old Hollow's Eve.   

Aug. 2005

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a 6 minute video is worth, well a lot more.  I did this in Adobe for WMV 9.  It turned out great, but download the whole file before you try and play it. 

June 2005

Here is the latest family photo courtesy of the fine people at Lifetouch.  This was shot on CU campus in the spring. 

July 2005
Dalrymple in Colorado

Nov '04. 
my sister Rachel and the family came out to Colorado in July.  Here are some shots by Wally and me both.  The above one was shot hiking in Boulder.

May 2005
2 pines no longer

We had to take out of the giant old pine trees from my front yard.  it was quite the ordeal, but in the end, one can't even tell there was ever a huge pine tree even there. 

Mar 2005

Martha Stewart got out of jail the same day we got this Kegerator.  They are both on a 5 month probation.  I hope they both make it.     

Nov 2004
Holiday lights!

Nov '04. 
The day after Thanksgiving Boulder lit up the night.  Here are a few shots of the holiday lights from that weekend.  And also a few from Halloween.   

Bolder Boulder 2004
10K run !

May '04. 
I ran a 00:53:45 after running about a dozen practice runs before the Bolder Boulder.  The longest I had run before the race was just over 3 miles I think - because I never carefully timed myself or the distance.  I was just happy to break my goal of under 60 minutes. 

Parade and Race Day 2004

April '04. 
This is my 4th year in Kinetics and the theme this year is the WEST aNILEators:  our sculpture/float is a huge mosquito, we took home some of the awards in the Race on May 8th and got filmed for HDNet.   

Silverton and Telluride
Extreme Skiing & Hiking

March '04. 
Shovels, probes, avalanche- beacons, guides, and a lot of hiking is the only way to ski Silverton Colorado.  The next day at Telluride at least they had chairs.  

Fall Solstice in Crested Butte

Sep '03. 
Based on a smattering of Viking traditions and entirely fabricated, full-contact drinking ritual, Crested Butte's Vinotok festival is hands-down the best pagan ritual. 

Grand Lake & RMNP

Aug '03. 
Yes that's a male moose we saw on the way back from Colorado's coolest alpine lake; Grand Lake just outside RMNP. 

Johnson ties the knot
Tahoe Wedding

June '03. 
Mike & Kelly tie the knot in Tahoe under sunny skies. Here are some of the photos...Look for more in the next week.

Where the Wild Things Are

April '03. 
Time again for the wild, wacky, colorful, often risqué and political Kinetics Sculpture Challenge.  Here are photos of the 2003 parade and 2003 race!
In 2001 Team Liquid-Therapy won 1st place in the Virgin Category! In 2002 we were just Lily Dippers and didn't even enter the parade.  

Born Feb 27, 2003
Leah Carr

Leah Tippins Carr (Leah a family name on my side, Tippins on Jen’s side) was born Feb 27th just after 5:30 pm.  She weighed 7.1 lbs and was 20 inches long.

Christmas 2002
Cadillac Michigan

Jen & I drove back to Cadillac with the dog this year for the holidays.  We played broomball as usual and visited with family and friends.   

Thanksgiving 2002

Telluride Colorado was the backdrop to a long thanksgiving weekend.  The snow was light, but Charlotte and I got some runs in-between dragging Jen around the local watering holes and taking some photos.   

Open up that Golden Gate
San Francisco

Jen & I headed back to San Francisco to celebrate Bo and Candice tying the knot, see old friends, and catch up with Jen's family.   

Crested Butte to Aspen
Hiking to Aspen

We're still not sure how many miles we hiked over the two days jaunt from Crested Butte to Aspen.  What we do know was that it was 8 miles from Conundrum Hot Springs down to Aspen on the 2nd day.  The 1st day took 4 times as long and was all up hill!

Cherry Creek
Water skiing

Despite frequent wipe-outs with wake boards, knee boards and water-skis, beating the 95 degree heat was refreshing.

Island Vacation

Jen and I got out of the snow for a week during the beginning of March for a little R&R in the tropical 'temptation' islands of Belize.

Copper Mountain
Cardboard Derby

The only rules are: the craft has to be made out of string, glue, tape, and cardboard.  Other than that, one hopes to just make it down the hill alive in the annual KBCO Cardboard Derby the first week in Feb.  

Slebos Live
Aurora Symphony

Jan '02. 
Jen  Redmond played her Viola while the black tie crowd danced the night away with the Aurora Symphony the last weekend in January.

Boulder's Exotic Erotic

. '01. 
Too bad they won't let you take photos inside this liquid-therapy favorite, but here's what I can show you.

4 miles over land & water

May '01.
Kinetics is a Boulder rite of spring.  Check out our kinetics craft as we prepared for, and eventually won, the big race themed around our happy hour club -

Snow Mt. Biking (crashing)

April '01.  Ryan and Andy eat snow during their head-to-head mt. bike race down A-basin biking spring course.  Ryan's bike got it the worse.

Spring Skiing

March '01. 
Spring skiing in Vail with the 6-pack at the end of March included typical warm snow, sun, beers, bars, chills, and spills!  Plus Paul even made a movie

Winter Break - Jan '01
Costa Rica

Sunshine and beaches, warm water and Cervasses.  
Costa Rica had the weather.  Thanks to Jen's folks, we got frequent flyer miles down to Central America  this February.  It was the break we really needed! 

14er Climbing
On the Summit

Mid July we hiked through fields of wild flowers all the way to the summit of one of only two mountains on the continental divide - Mt Grays.  We camped the night before with Hayes & Jen and their nephew Alex.  The summit was the first time Jen, Charlotte, and Abby's had ever been on top of a 14,000+ foot mountain.
Colorado Style
I started Liquid Therapy up in Colorado in 1999 and hundreds of weeks later, it is still going strong.  Still one of the favorites was Parade of Lights.   

June 2011
Lake Powell Utah

Lake Powell Utah was 100 degrees everyday and 90 degrees every night.  It was hot!   But the water was 75 degrees and going up a few feet everyday. So we splashed down and kept cool on wakeboards, surfboards, tubes, jet skis, kayaks, and wakeskates all over the 4th of July this year. 

Aug.  2011
Santa Fe New Mexico

Ozzy and GG got hitched in Santa Fe in August.  We loaded up a van load of friends and took a road trip to New Mexico.  It was perfect weather. 

Mar.  2011
California Spring Break

Spring Break was at the end of March this year, so we packed up the kids and hit flew to San Diego.  We also stopped by Palm Springs,  Legoland, La Jolla, Del Mar, and Sea World.

Dec.  2010
Broomball Colorado

A week after we played on Lake Cadillac in Michigan, we stormed Boulder's downtown Pearl St. to play on the little ice rink in Boulder.  And then we rode the Bull. 

Dec.  2010
Broomball Michigan

On Lake Cadillac this year, out in front of Matt Van Alst's house, we played broomball.  Matt cleared it with a plow on the front of a quad. It worked perfect.    

June. 2010

Crawfish, 10 kegs, skydiving, sand, surf, and sunshine.  What else do you need for a fun Saturday at the Boulder Reservoir?  Let summer officially begin. 

April. 2010
10th Mt. Hut Trip

We tele-skied and snow shoed and split boarded into a 10th Mt. Hut outside of Vail Pass last weekend.  It pounded snow like the high mountains didn't know it was spring down in Boulder.

Feb  2010
Cape Canaveral & Caribbean

NASA scrubbed the Shuttle Launch the day we were there so we missed it.  It launched successfully the following night.  We got to tour Cape Canaveral with the family the day before.  We stopped at Sea World on a weekday; supreme.  Then we hopped a Caribbean Cruise to Mexico, Belize, Honduras, and Grand Cayman.  Life's a beach.

Jan  2010
Frozen Lake

They cut a hole in the Boulder Res. on Jan 1, for hundreds of crazy folks to jump into the 35 degree water for charity.  We got a group together and took the plunge.  See the video.

Dec. 2009
White Christmas

Boulder got dumped on the week before Christmas this year.  Jen's family all came out and we went hiking, ice staking, and skiing with everyone.  Also see video.

Aug. 2009

Bobby, Randy, and I motor crossed the mountains in the morning, tubed down the creek in the afternoon, and wakeboard and air-chaired the lake in the evening; not bad for Wednesday

July. 2009
Boulder Creek

The Boulder Creek was no match for the family this weekend.  Leah & Jack plunged over with Char, Mike and I.  It made for some good photos.

Nov. 2008

The recent warm weather felt good on the lake the 2nd weekend of November.  It was 70 degrees so we jumped into the 47 degree water to take some runs.  See video here.  

Sep. 2008

Kids playing in the back yard during a super warm September week. 

May 2008

Paul & Michelle got married in San Francisco the end of May, so Jen & I enjoyed a long weekend of wine tasting in Napa, hanging with the Levi Crowd in the City and catching up with old friends in Marin.

April 2008
Thrift Store Ski Party

TSSP had one of the biggest crowds to date despite a blizzard on Saturday.  We got one of the two hot tubs we brought to the tailgate warmed up and running.

Feb. 2008
Crusing the Caribbean

Jen & I flew to Tampa and hopped on a Carnival Cruise for a week mid February with Svein & Sara and bunch of their friends.  Weather was good as we stopped in Grand Cayman and Playa del Carmen over the week.

 Aug. 2007
Downhill Mt. Biking

Winter Park chairlifts are open all summer to Mt. bikers that want to bomb down the hills and ride up on chairlifts. Brilliant.  Check out photos and video.

July. 2007
CHS '87

We (even the kids) headed back to Michigan for the Cadillac High School 20 year class reunion.  We had a great turn out, awesome weather, and tons of fun.  Check out the photos here.

June. 2007

The 3rd Annual Vogellarosa saw some of the best weather ever.  Crawfish, beer, and sunshine at the lake.  A perfect weekend.  

May 2007
Mitchell House 

Two kids & a 'work from home' job is a tight squeeze in our little 1600 sq.ft. house in Boulder.  So we bought the old stone cabin next door and added onto it including a garage/office in the back.  It's been almost 2 years of city paper work and  architectural drawings, but we're in and almost done. 

Dec. 2006

The first weekend of December was a cold snowy one in Boulder.  But the family braved the wintry weather and picked out our Christmas tree.

Oct.. 2006

Some photos from Halloween this year.  Jen and I went to a few costume parties and so did the kids.  The weather was cold, but our spirits were warm.      

Oct. 2006
Snow & Sun

Leah went to her 4th season CU football game with little friend Colton attending his first.  CU lost in triple overtime, but the weather was perfect.  Then the next day we got snow in the mountains. 

Sep. 2006
Wooden Skis

When we bought the Mitchell house last fall, the owner threw in these old water skis he made himself.  He skied them behind an old finishing boat in the Boulder Reservoir 50 years ago.  We dusted them off and gave them a try in fall of 2006.  

June 2006

Part Vogel and part De La Rosa, this Cajun flavored crawfish boil combo went thru 7 kegs and a few hundred pounds of crawfish.  All between wakeboarding runs on the Boulder Reservoir.  

April 2006
Heli Skiing

We skied the first and the last day of a week in Cordova Alaska with Points North.  The snow was great when we finally got out there.  Click here video.

April 2006
Thrift Store Ski Party

Bringing a hot tub to a ski resort tail gate seemed like a great idea.  So much so we landed on the cover of the A-basin website.  It was a wild time

Oct 2005
Black and Whites

We had these photos taken by baby cakes photography this month.  they turned out great.  


Oct 2005
San Francisco

My old roommate Yuko tied the knot to Greg north of San Francisco in October, so we packed up the family and headed to California.  Here are some photos of the wedding from miscellaneous photographers. 

Aug 2005

Some family photos of James Edward Carr the II, III, and IV. Also water photos from Michigan Lakes around Cadillac. 

July 2005
Estes Park

There's not much better than a Rocky Mountain wedding.  Laura and Jon tied the knot in Estes park in July.  

June 2005
Pool Party

Getting little kids to look at the camera is nearly impossible when they can ignore the camera and play in the Pool.  oh well, I kept snapping anyway. 

May 2005

May '05. 
Animal house lived on this year in the Kinetics Sculpture Race.  Even though we didn't actually race the big cake, we had a great day at the Boulder Reservoir this year. 

Dec 2004
James Edward Carr IV

Dec '04. 
Almost a whole week late, little 'baby butt' as his sister calls him, was born on December 22nd.  No more zone - now we have to go man to man.

Fall is falling
Pumpkin patch

This fall we headed down to a pumpkin patch to take in the fall colors we also drove up to summit - but poor Leah got carsick.   

Charlotte Michigan
Carr Reunion

This summer the Carr Clan got together in Charlotte Michigan for a family reunion.  Check for both old photos and also current photos.

Huatulco Mexico
Sailing with Jed & Monica

Feb '04. 
Our friends quit their jobs, fixed up their Grandpa's boat, and set sail from LA down thru the Panama Canal and up the other side for the next year.  We joined them for a week.

God Bless Texas
The grassy knoll tour!

Jan '04. 
San Antonio & the Alamo, thru Austin, and up to Dallas for the grassy knoll tour

Leah's first
Christmas Tree

Photos from Leah's first Christmas tree getting decorated in the new living room from the great remodel.  Then later here are photos of Christmas 2003.

Charlotte finishes CU

Dec '03. 
Just before Christmas Charlotte finished her undergrad on a beautiful December afternoon in Boulder. 

Fall in Colorado
Aspens turning Gold

The Aspens turned gold this fall while my folks were out for a visit.

Rainy Reservoir
Water Skiing

The rain didn't stop the one legged guy and it didn't stop me skiing so fast that the shots were blurry.   

Beating the head in the creek
Boulder Creek

Joel, John, Eric, and I hit the boulder creek on a hot summer day to cool down.  The river was at maximum flow.  The whitewater was awesome!  

2 Pines gets a face lift

The cute little Mapleton house is no more.  Construction has begun on the house to add a 2nd story and a porch.

So-Cal to N-call - 2003

PK, Ryan, & I drove up from San Diego to San Francisco over a long weekend in early January.  We figured if we had to go for work, we might as well see the sights!

Colorado Snowwoman
Estes Park

The snow came down hard in early November in Colorado.  We headed up to Estes Park with Redmonds and Bellows to build a snowwoman and photograph the elk in Rocky Mountain National Park.  

Ryan & Laura's Wedding

Ryan & Laura tied the knot in an outdoor ceremony over the 4th of July weekend in Breckenridge.

Flying High
Gliding over Boulder

It was a little hazy on the day we took a glider flight over Boulder, but the experience of soaring free was still unlike any I'd had before.

Winter Park
Spring Splash!

Apr. '02. 
The end of the ski season in Colorado culminated at Winter Park with the Spring Splash.  More than half the contestants didn't make it across the pond.  Those of us that managed to keep upright were slightly disjointed that the coarse didn't allow for enough speed to ski out the other side.  But it still made for awesome photos. 

Boulder Reservoir
Polar Bear Swim!

Jan. '02. 
The first day of the year we jumped into a hole cut in the ice and joined the Polar Bear Ice Swim Team.  Luckily I had a costume left over from Halloween

Evergreen's Ice
Skating Paradise


'02. Evergreen Colorado really knows how to do winter right!  They subdivide up their frozen lake into different ice rinks for every kind of ice skater.  The next week we flew to Aspen to check out the X-Games.

Cadillac Christmas
Broomball 2001!

Dec. '01. 
The last days of the year are always reserved for broomball.  Here are the photos from this years record attendance no-rules broomball game.  Also  Rachel's kids, took me sledding with PK's kids on their hill after Christmas.

Weddings, weddings, weddings
Just Married!

Sep. '01.  Four weddings in five weeks - wow!  It was that kind of late summer - early fall... First Mark & Becky  tied the knot in Ann Arbor, then Monica & Jed did it in Maui, Hawaii, Next Tom & Shari in Summit, Colorado, and finally Reed & Haidee in Northern California.

Steep and Deep
Berthoud Pass

Johnson & I skied big at Colorado's oldest ski area in February.  Tons of backcountry powder and the pick-up is down the road on a bus.

Cross-country - me & the dog
Road Trip

The end of July my dog & I drove almost 2,000 miles round trip in a cross-country marathon to visit my cousin
Jeff in La Cross.

Water Skiing & Wake Boarding
Jumping the Wake

Just a few weeks after skiing the last few snow runs of the year, we went water skiing. in the Cherry Creek Reservoir. 

Snowboarding A-Basin
Last run of the year   

My last runs this year on the snowboard were in June.  We loaded up the jeep with snow gear one last time and closed down Arapahoe Basin

Boulder Creek
Cooling off in a Tube

The best way to beat the heat this hot summer was to grab a bathing suit, your dog, and tube down the Boulder whitewater.  

Roller Blading
Poaching Flagstaff

Mike Johnson and I didn't find out it was illegal to roller blade down the steep Boulder parks road called Flagstaff until the ranger yelled at us from the bottom.

Snowboarding chair racing
Wipe Out!

Snow chairs, snow boards, skis, a BBQ, and beers.  What else do you need for Arapaho Basin's spring skiing.

Rafting the Arkansas
In the Whitewater

June was hot and the snow melt came down fast.  We had two boats full of folks ready to cool off from the summer heat.  Here we are rafting down the Arkansas River.




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