Huatulco Mexico


Arrived  in Huatulco and found Jed & Monica's boat in the Harbor. 


The boat Mary Ann II at sunset


We were of course greeted with Mexican Margaritas!


Then we hit the town for the night.  Tattoos were in order after a few Cervezas!  


Jed making a few repairs before heading out into the coves around the area. 


Not really the Mary Ann I - ;-) 



A secret private little cove we found for a picnic.



Check out the zoom on these two photos!


Stealing a dip in the pool at this expensive resort.


Having a drink while we waited for the Dive Boat before heading out for a 1 tank dive.



Setting the Stern Anchor, cocktail hour, and cooking up a Mexican dinner!



Another night, another cove, another photo op for the Mary Ann II


Getting out the Dive Board.  Now that's Fun!  Snorkeling and swimming too!



Jen & I snuck out to the tourist cove for a happy hour.



Taking turns up the Mast - me on the left - Jed on the right. 
Now that's a view!



Yes that is a whale we saw while sailing near the end of the trip! 
Mom (left) and baby (right)



The last night we anchored off the famous "Heaven's Mouth Beach" from the movie "Y Tu Mama Tambien". 
On the way back to the boat we smashed thru a big wave and got soaked!

panorama of the whole beach.


Waving goodbye to Monatika as we dinged to the dock and the airport beyond!



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